Debt Management Service

The digital era has signalled new ways of working for us all. It has meant that the way company’s engage with their clients & customers has also changed; but throughout these vicissitudes the necessity to keep the cash flowing in has never been more important. With agility being a key mechanism to generate growth and protect market share, a company’s confidence to react and react quickly to new opportunities & market forces is predicated on the surety of your financial position, both the funds required to invest and the support of key suppliers who are committed to your objectives because they’re themselves are paid by you on time.

At Expedite Management Consulting we take a more consultative route to debt management. We recognise that not all debtors are the same; many are perennial bad payers, others struggle from cash flow problems of their own and some simply do (and will not) have the funds to settle the debt in full. By creating a template approach for each debtor type, we can devise the most effective route to securing outstanding payment. For any single company it’s not unusual to be concurrently seeking monies from 3+ debtor types, and a single approach simply doesn’t get the job done.

This approach doesn’t cost more than traditional approaches because it has made the process more effective. And in terms of results, Expedite Management Consulting typically reduces debtor days by a third and increases the percentage of debt collected by 50%. And it’s always our intention to educate your clients and customers to become more predictable payers in the future.

With contract negotiation another key capability, Expedite Management Consulting looks to exploit terms and conditions in your contracts, together with proven negotiation techniques to motivate bad debtors to accelerate payment where more traditional approaches rely heavily on the auspices of the courts – slow, time consuming and costly.

So, whether it’s a single bad debt or you’re looking for a systemic approach to managing and improving cash flow Expedite Management Consulting can create a positive outcome. Expedite Management Consulting has managed debt portfolios in excess of multiple millions, international debtors and where the debt position is complicated by intermediaries & third parties.