For many turning strategy into reality without losing focus and integrity on the way is a constant challenge, resulting in outcomes that simply don’t match the aspiration and business need. Expedite Management Consulting brings methodology, experience, expertise and pragmatism to the process to ensure that strategic intent evolves into controlled activities that deliver tangible, demonstrable and sustainable operational practices.


Whether you’re a medal winning Olympian or a Ryder Cup champion, the things that keep you at the top of your game are focus and determination. Bar none, champions use specialist trainers, mentors and advisors to stop bad habits, promote best practice and to plan their investment to achieve their goals.

And we at Expedite Management Consulting know that a badly run programme with poorly defined goals and no overt mechanism for managing benefit typically leads to a 25% – 35% erosion of value.

About Us

ExpediteMC are a team of local consultants who collectively possess over 120 years of experience helping blue chip and private clients and drive better top line performance whilst tightly managing bottom line costs & exposure. Our services range for a ‘rapid current state assessment’ to look for quick wins to keep the business afloat through total restructuring of the business to launch new services into new markets.


Sourcing Advisory

Market Analysis
Expert Witness

Operational Excellence

Focus On Cost
Organisational Design
Partner Profiling & Engagement
Programme Management

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Search & Acquisition
Property Management
Contractor Selection
Fit Out & Refurbishment
Project Management


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